Learn the Creative Way to Integrate Nature Into Everything

The Possibilities Are Limitless

Education, Life Principles, Wisdom, Strength, Purpose

Academic Integration

  • Lesson plan development – any level
  • Professional Development – educator training
  • Subjects integrated include math, language and writing, sciences, social sciences, critical thinking, and more.
  • Coursework is based on scientific research and analysis
  • Limnology, endangered species, population density/abundance, acoustics and ultrasound recording, and more can be integrated into classwork

Nature for People with Special Needs

  • Developmental programs and projects
  • Assistance with tactile learning
  • Providing opportunities to overcome perceived both physical and mental barriers
  • Land Based Learning will open hearts, minds, and spirits. Come, explore the possibilities.

Personal Development

  • While using Land Based Learning to teach academics many calming and life changing perspectives are gained
  • Emotional intelligence, wisdom, humility, resilience, courage, and more are all taught using real life examples that exist all around us.
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