Limnology and Earth Sciences

Technical services include sampling water ( surface / groundwater), and soil as well as data collection using data loggers. Technical data collection equipment includes YSI multiparameter meters, HOBO data loggers, and flowmeters. If bathymetry is required or a multitude of data collection all work is welcome for discussion. In addition, invertebrate sampling is available following the(OBBN) or (CABIN) protocols. Whatever your sampling needs are, Land Based Learning is pleased to help.

Fish & Wildlife

Whether it’s an analysis of deceased fish and wildlife, an assessment of habitat or population densities, Land Based Learning is eager to help. Experienced in both aquatic and inland species, endangered species research will follow acceptable scientific protocols. From lake sturgeon, wolverine, bats, and migratory birds, the needs of the research program will be central to all ethical and profession consultations and deliverables will be organized in a timely manner.

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