Fish & Wildlife, Environmental Sciences

Having worked in the environmental industry for over twenty years, Gord has experience working with First Nations communities, private industries, consulting firms, and in the mining, forestry, and fisheries sectors. Gordon has worked in many remote locations across the country, including time on the west coast in the fishery industry and completing stream surveys in the northern mountains of B.C. within the forestry industry. Gord also assisted Fish and Wildlife Officers with remote northern hunting regulations and GPS/GIS delineations, carrying out all related environmental duties as the Environmental Technician at active mines, and completing various contracts, and geotechnical work in isolated exploration camps.

Furthermore, training community members on effective and accurate environmental monitoring techniques, species at risk research (such as wolverine, bats and lake sturgeon), compliance monitoring and benthic bio-monitoring including the (OBBN) Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network and (CABIN) Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network protocols. Other projects have included remote lake sampling and clean-up plans, environmental assessments of legacy mine sites, and youth environmental outreach. The experience and energy Gord brings to his work has been recorded in three documentaries including, “The Ring of Fire” https://www.aptn.ca/ringoffire/ ,Aroland First Nation Lake Sturgeon Conservation Project 2016-2017, and Nishnawbe Aski Nation Providing Environmental Education for Children with Exceptional Needs.

Rescued bald eagle in the far north

This unique service was created from many years of experience working within the biology and ecology fields of science involving endangered species research, ecological conservation, training and education. Throughout the years of professional services across the country there was a recognizable niche and need for helping others become more closely connected to the world around us. Land Based Learning was created from the experience with technical services and public engagement. It is a pleasure to introduce you to the amalgamation of both scientific protocols and technical service with public awareness and participation. If you would like to learn more, begin a citizen science program, integrate more technical science with your classroom or business, or would like to acquire technical services, Land Based Learning is eager to hear from you.

Recent work and planning includes the Toronto Zoo (http://torontozoo.ca/bats) and endangered species research and conservation efforts with our Canadian bat population. Also, the Winnipeg University with Craig Willis PhD (http://www.willisbatlab.org/ ) for bat research and conservation technical services. In addition, Gord Parker is also the Canadian Business Development Consultant for Wildlife Acoustics Inc. (https://www.wildlifeacoustics.com/ ) and happy to be of service to anyone requiring assistance with any acoustic or ultrasonic research needs.

Gord Parker at the Toronto Zoo Native Bat Research Convention.

Gord Parker at the Toronto Zoo Native Bat Research Convention.”

Melissa Donnelly, Eryk Matczak, Dolf Dejong, Gord Parker and Toby Thorne

How does this service work? How can we user your service from a large distance apart?

Land Based Learning specializes with long distance services. Upon the acquisition of service, Gord can supply training and protocols in partnership with whoever acquires the services. Travel to your location is never a problem as this is a typical work requirement for Gord as his work as a fish and wildlife biologist. Travel has been frequent for Land Based Learning, within Canada and internationally. Land Based Learning will design a specific work flow with each request and can arrive at your location for hands on lessons, technical services, and advice with your particular needs. Usual travel includes an extended stay at your location to ensure your needs are met whether it is an isolated fly in or boat to location or in the middle of a city. There are few limitations to what we can do together…